“Partnering with clients in a thought – provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"                                                                                               - International Coaching Federation, ICF                                                                                                                     

We provide coaching as a 1:1 activity - just you and a coach laying out a path. 

Consider the following:

  • I have vision but don’t know how to achieve it
  • I want to be a better leader
  • I want to grow personally and professionally

If one or more of these statements applies to you, then so does coaching. Through coaching we will partner with you in creating an individualized plan to assist you in achieving your goals. Along with your personal coaching goals, we will focus on various development opportunities, such as the following:

  • Executive Presence – Your very presence indicates to individuals  around you that you are confident and capable of leading others.
  • Vision Setting - Creating a roadmap for your future goals.
  • Personal Branding - Establishing the values for which you want to be known. 
  • Personal Development - Identifying skills and gaps that you would like to improve.
  • Leadership Development - Identifying leadership competencies that you would like to improve. 

Executive Coaching

Already a leader? This set of coaching services is for you. In addition to your professional and personal goals, we will focus on:

  • Executive Presence
  • Vision Setting
  • Leadership Development

Entrepreneur Preparation

You are ready to start a business or you have a small business and you want to develop yourself. We will focus on:

  • Executive Presence
  •  Personal branding
  •   Vision setting

Dream Catcher

You desire to take your life to a new level. You believe in your heart that your dreams and goals will come true, but need a solid foundation. We will focus on:

  •    Personal Development
  •   Vision Setting

We are committed to your development and wellbeing. When it comes to coaching, we are in service to YOU. It is all about YOU. It is your time, your life and we are getting you started on the journey. This is our coaching philosophy.

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