Diversity & Inclusion 

Diversity looks different for each organization. Each organization has its own culture and its own way of doing business. Leveraging your organization’s diversity, we will partner with you in creating a diversity & inclusion strategy that is reflective of your organization’s culture and needs.

Suite of Solutions

We have created a suite of solutions to assist you in creating your organization’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Each solution is created with you in mind. The solutions can be tailored to meet your organization needs.

We offer the following Diversity & Inclusion Suite of Solutions:

  •  Strategy Development: Starting with an assessment, we will take a deeper dive into understanding your organization. Looking into these four focus areas; organization, workforce, business outcomes, and community, we will partner with you in creating a strategy that best fit your organization's needs as it relates to diversity.
  •   Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Councils: The purpose of a Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council is to provide support and assist in the implementation of the organization diversity & inclusion strategy. We can partner with you in identifying members, implementation and training council members.
  •   Employee Resource Group  (ERG'S) Development: ERG's are more than social groups with a shared interests. These  groups are charged with a strategic focus to permeate inclusion throughout the fabric of the organization. We can partner with you in creating, implementation and training ERG's.
  •  Diversity & Inclusion Training: Diversity & Inclusion training is essential to the organization's diversity strategy. Our trainings are created  to take participants through a process of self-awareness and relationship building. We offer trainings for the following: workforce, managers, and executive leadership.
  •  Executive Coaching: Being a diversity leader is not a easy job. We will provide you with a coach who is an experienced diversity practitioner and certified coach. The coach will partner  with you as you develop as a leader in this space and assist you in developing the organization strategy.

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