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Sandra P. Buteau, LL.M., PCC

Sandra P. Buteau is an ICF Professional Certified Coach with extensive experience in delivering tailored leadership development, executive coaching, and career advising services, as well as multicultural training both in the private and public sectors. Relying on significant years of experience and training, she coaches clients interested in achieving professional goals aligned with their values, and guides executives through positive transitions and transformations. Sandra’s international background as well as her language skills allow her to conduct coaching engagements in English, Spanish and French, both in person and remotely, as well as address issues in cross-cultural environments. She has coached clients from across the United States and from around the world including executives from a wide range of industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, retail and fashion, sports management, law, human resources, and academia.


Rebekah M. Lowe, CLC, ACC

Rebekah M. Lowe serves as a leadership coach for only high-performing and high-potential business leaders and their teams, because she believes that is where their companies’ highest returns on investment exist.  Rebekah offers a unique combination of qualifications to support her clients. She invested 25 years working at a Fortune 500 company, and rose through the ranks to serve as Regional President; she was elected to the title of Executive Vice President of the corporation. She headed multiple boards of directors. She holds the distinctions of Certified Leadership Coach and Associate Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. Rebekah has worked extensively with clients in finance, healthcare, marketing, and a variety of non-profits. 


Jim Svagerko, MA., PCC

Jim Svagerko is a certified coach and has almost 30 years working within the Healthcare industry, first as a clinician, Director and then as a teacher and coach.  Jim has worked with many levels of associates including informal leaders, front line managers, physicians and executive leadership. As a coach, Jim has operated in various ways to meet the needs of each leader.  He utilizes many techniques such as one-on-one coaching, group coaching and mentoring.  He believes that it is necessary for individuals to evaluate their own self first, examine their current behaviors and then discuss ways of integrating the knowledge they have received into their daily routines.  Jim’s unique perspective of assimilating learning with self-development, allows the leader to fully integrate with the information and discover their personal meaning.  He guides the person to a full awareness of self, prior to moving the individual to new thought. Jim has coached in a variety of settings including higher education, non-profit organizations, government agencies, research, legal, manufacturing and sales.